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Outsourcing companies

Creating an in-house web development, graphic design, SEO, and BPO team can be expensive, time-consuming, and a consistent financial burden, especially for small to midsize businesses. That is one of the reasons why experienced business owners and entrepreneurs frequently encourage hiring SEO, graphic design, marketing, BPO, and web development projects outsourcing companies.

IT outsourcing risk awareness

Planning to outsource software development, it is important that your company is aware of potential risks you may meet. In order to avoid possible problems, keep in mind the below check list of IT offshoring risks.

  • Quality decrease

    Outsourcing companies often compromise on the quality because it is difficult to control them. This happens even more often while outsourcing software to different countries with lower web developer hourly rate. The quality of service of less-expensive Asian software houses often is not up to par. However, it’s only a matter of finding a right software house which can offer high-quality services at affordable rates.

  • Binding agreements

    Some web development, SEO, and BPO outsourcing companies like to tie clients up in contracts and force them to commit to a specified time. This is one of the common trends to avoid. The companies planning to offshore services need to keep in mind while choosing an outsource web development company.

  • Binding author’s platforms

    Like with long-term contracts, outsourcing service providers tend to recommend using their author’s platform as a framework for the client’s software. Companies should think twice before accepting such a proposal because once their software is based on the author’s code language, other software houses will not be willing to work on this web tool. Thus the client will not have much choice but to keep on using the services of the code Author.

  • Bunch of freelancers

    While planning web outsourcing services, you should make sure that your future outsourced developer(s) actually work in the software house which you are signing the outsourcing contract with. The outsourcing service providers commonly claim to be software house with in-house programmers and they turn out to be a bunch of freelancing developers. It is always worth to turn the computer camera on while talking to your future service provider for the first time…

  • Hard communication

    Clients shall not hesitate to verify the communication skills of their outsourced developers and related project managers. This may help avoiding potential bugs in the software functioning caused by potential misunderstandings.

Outsourcing companies

Our solution to outsourcing risk dilemma

Companies often hesitate to outsource software to less-expensive Asian software houses because they are afraid of issues around language, culture differences and code quality. link365.ph recognize this dilemma which many Western businesses face. This is why link365.ph is a software house run in Cebu, Philippines, overseen in the field by European IT top management (Project Managers and senior developers). This way you get the best of two continents: low-cost web developers from the Philippines and Western approach to service standards ad code quality.

Here is how link365.ph outsourcing services differ from others:

  • Access to a wide range of talent

    We have a diverse team of in-house experts that are supervised by European professionals with over 15 years of experience each. Clients don’t need to worry about compromise on quality. From our team you can hire graphic designers, back-end, front-end and full-stack developers, SEO specialists, and other such professionals at one location.

  • Good web outsourcing agreements

    We offer just that along with a 7-Day trial run so you can get an understanding of our services. The terms of agreements we offer are adapted to the client’s preferences, so you decide on the length of your outsourcing contract.

  • Popular and reliable coding languages

    We work in verified technologies which are commonly used by software houses – popular PHP scripts (Symfony framework, WordPress, etc.), JavaScript (AngularJS, jQuery), HTML, CSS3, Java – these are just some of frameworks we use in our web projects.

  • IT project management best practices

    As an outsourcing company, we have handled several IT projects and understand the right IT outsourcing trends and IT project methodology. We plan all projects well and make sure they’re on schedule. This ensures your website launches on time and traffic starts coming in quickly.

  • Automation testing

    We have the skill, technology, and manpower to monitor the website and its activity 24/7. Our developers will provide an automation testing tools list and comprehensive reports regularly.

  • Time zones

    We have experience working with international clients and can handle different time zones. Whether you’re located in the US, Australia, Asia, or Europe, we can work at your convenience and without delays.

  • More benefits than risks

    Offshore IT outsourcing proves to be a very cost-effective option. It may be worth giving it a try because in the end it involves more benefits than risks. Just make sure that in order to support your internal IT resources, you pick the right software house with an in-house, experienced and honest team.

If you want to know more about our services, hire an SEO services company, or hire the best PHP development company, don’t hesitate to contact us at link365.ph today. You can call us or contact us through our online form. Our customer care executives will be happy to help you.

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